Ritual Candle Set
Ritual Candle Set
Ritual Candle Set
Ethereal Grind

Ritual Candle Set

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One set includes one of each (11 in total) : 

  • Red- the color of passion, strength, fire, survival, career, lust, action and independence.
  • Pink- the color of love, caring, friendship, maturity, affection, nurturing and femininity.
  • Black- the color of safety, protection, banish negativity, pride and shapeshifting.
  • Green- the color of growth, luck, tree, plants, earth, nature, money, success and jealousy.
  • Indigo- the color of protection, focus, good fortune, water, truth and calm.
  • Orange- the color of creativity, justice, legal matters, joy, ambition, opportunity and celebration.
  • White- the color of peace, purity, healing, innocence, divination and exorcism.
  • Purple- the color of spiritual power, government, break habit and drive away evil.
  • Brown- the color of house blessings, animal/pet magic, study, telepathy, lost objects and protection of familiars.
  • Light Blue- the color of peace, creativity and patience.
  • Yellow- the color of happiness, optimism, positivity, intellect, communication and studying.

**Dripless and 4 inch tall